SharePoint Managed Services

Transform your business workflows, collaboration and day-to-day operations.

In today's business environment, SharePoint - one of the most flexible server applications, plays a key role in allying collaboration initiatives with organizational goals. However, creating a well-orchestrated SharePoint environment can be a challenge on account of its highly dynamic nature.

Choosing SharePoint as your corporate platform, you will get a whole set of tools that hit several goals at the same time: to manage straightforward workflows, stimulate human collaboration, increase the quality of working process and raise employees’ productivity.
Enterprises need a specialist SharePoint services partner to efficiently plan, implement, and manage SharePoint deployment for increased productivity and on-demand scalability.

With Microtek you get team of Sharepoint experts who invite you to exploit SharePoint features with the maximum benefit for your enterprise. We will help you get the best of SharePoint solutions by providing the full cycle of SharePoint consulting, customization and support services for projects of various complexities.

Unique Business Solutions That Offer a Seamless Experience to The Users



Design and branding are the key elements in any SharePoint implementation. Microtek SharePoint team has rich knowledge and understanding in applying visual designs to SharePoint that range from ‘Out of the Box’ to the extraordinary. Our experienced design team creates rich engaging experiences in SharePoint to improve adoption. This includes customizing themes and templates, master page layout, CSS, site definitions, Microsoft SilverLight, administer controls for personalization, etc.

Migration & Upgrades

Microtek covers migration needs of organizations whether they run SharePoint on-premises or use cloud solutions. Migrating legacy systems, application and databases can be a time consuming and complex process. Therefore we offer smooth execution for your enterprise migration requirements that even include technology version migrations. Microtek is equipped with the flexibility to work on fully managed services and with on-premise. Once the upgrade path is decided, our SharePoint experts offer you best practices consulting to guide you with latest technologies, resulting in quick upgrade, lower costs, and increased quality.


SharePoint is a core technology that is used by a large number of business organizations and corporations to develop world class solutions that can easily be customized, extended and maintained. Since a custom SharePoint development allows more proximity to the business strategies, it allows delivering better. It is with our highly experienced SharePoint customization team that we can handle just anything that you need about SharePoint. We are a Microsoft technology oriented organization and have the ability to offer stable, scalable and high performance oriented applications that are cost effective and offer complete control of the entire process.

Planning & Deployment

Microtek believes that the success of a SharePoint project, whether it is for intranet, extranet or internet use, is dependent on the quality of the deployment and configuration of the platform. Microtek provides the knowledge and expertise required to successfully deploy SharePoint tailored to your unique needs and environment and complementing your strategic business direction. Additionally, we leverage best practices for SharePoint deployment by analysing the customer environment and providing tools and technologies that help you manage SharePoint implementation and manage the migration of data.

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